Slashdot editor-in-chief CmdrTaco resigns

First Steve, now Rob. Slashdot co-founder and news-for-nerds visionary Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda has announced his resignation from the site. Malda doesn't say much about his future plans, nor why he decided to leave the site he helped to start some 14 years ago, but it appears that the changing nature of the Internet was one motivator for the decision. "The Slashdot of today is fused to the Slashdot of the past," he says, hinting that a Slashdot of the future might need to be something entirely different.

The Internet may be changing, but Slashdot's innovative approach to crowdsourcing content has certainly stood the test of time. Indeed, that may be the site's biggest contribution to the Internet at large—apart from all the traffic it drives to other sites, that is. Being Slashdotted has become a sort of rite of passage for tech journalists, and system admins everywhere must respect the barrage of incoming requests that can result from a front-page link.

As a regular Slashdot reader for more than a decade, I'll miss CmdrTaco's contributions. This post, in which Malda reflects on Slashdot's humble beginnings, will be his last for the site. The other half of the original Slashdot team, Jeff "Hemos" Bates, left the site a year ago. He's now working for Google.

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