Point of View insults intelligence with GeForce 550 Ti 4GB

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the world's most pointless graphics card. Nvidia partner Point of View has come up with a GeForce 550 Ti with four gigabytes of graphics memory, which makes about as much sense as putting a spoiler on a Smart car. Epic fail.

The problem with this new card, of course, is that the lowly GeForce 550 Ti doesn't need anywhere close to that much RAM. When we tested the 550 Ti back in March, we discovered that the budget GPU is really only fast enough to play games at the relatively low resolution of 1680x1050, which works out to less than two megapixels. No wonder most of the 550 Tis on the market have just 1GB of memory.

While Point of View loads the card up with high-density memory chips, they're not very fast ones. The GeForce 550 Ti is meant to be paired with GDDR5 memory with an effective data rate of 3.6 GT/s. Point of View hits the 4GB mark with much slower DDR3 memory capable of pushing bits at less than one third that speed.

Graphics card makers have long tried to dress up low-end models with obscene amounts of memory, but this is the most egregious example yet. Some consumers are easily swayed by bigger numbers, I guess. Thankfully, it looks like the card isn't available in North America right now. According to Computer Base, Euros can order the thing for €113.

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