Release roundup: Outlaws, sentries, and clicky keyboards

Although the summer lull is still in full force, our inbox has collected a decent number of announcements from various hardware makers this week. Today, we'll be looking at news from BitFenix, Crucial, NZXT, and Rosewill.

  • BitFenix launches Outlaw. True to its name, BitFenix's latest enclosure defies convention, with an upside-down motherboard tray that positions the CPU socket at the bottom, just above the power supply. The Outlaw also features room for up to eight fans, a rubber-coated SoftTouch front bezel with four USB 2.0 ports, and a rather low asking price: just $49.

  • New Crucial 8GB memory modules optimize desktop and laptop performance. With 4GB DDR3 modules practically a dime a dozen, it's no surprise to see Crucial rolling out some vanilla DDR3-1333 modules with 8GB capacities. These modules are available both as mobile SO-DIMMs, which can hit their rated speed at 1.35V, and as desktop DIMMS, which stick to the standard 1.5V signal voltage. Crucial is already selling 16GB kits based on these. The SO-DIMM kit will set you back a panic-inducing $799.99, while the desktop DIMM kit is the kick-to-the-gut price of $659.99. That's quite a markup over Crucial's 8GB desktop dual-channel kits, which sell for as little as $54.99, but density rarely comes cheap.

  • NZXT unveils Sentry Mix 6 channel fan controller. NZXT's latest fan controller slips into 5.25" drive bays and can handle as many as six fans hooked up via three-pin connectors. The firm quotes maximum power output of 50W, and it says the controller has "interchangeable numerical LED lights to color code your fan control." The Sentry Mix 6 is priced at $39.99.

  • Rosewill releases RK-9000 Series - Cherry MX switch mechanical keyboards. This is a bit of an odd announcement, because Rosewill's RK-9000 was available at Newegg for quite some time before being mysteriously delisted. This week's announcement suggests we'll see this clicky keyboard make a return alongside three variants with different Cherry MX switches. The RK-9000 itself still has "blue" switches (which are clicky and tactile), while the RK-9000BR has "brown" switches (tactile only), the RK-9000BL has "black" switches (non-tactile and non-clicky), and the RK-9000RE has "red" switches (also non-clicky and non-tactile, but with a lower actuation force). Rosewill will charge $99.99 for all models except for the RK-9000RE, which will cost $129.99. These keyboards all look to have the same frame and design as the ABS M1 and Filco offerings, just with a different logo.

Here's hoping those new Rosewill keyboards won't mysteriously disappear from Newegg's stock again. The keyboard market needs more good, relatively affordable mechanical offerings.

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