Details about 28-nm mobile AMD GPUs leak out

Earlier this week, the guys at SemiAccurate served up a leaked list of 28-nm mobile Nvidia graphics chips scheduled for next year. Showing it doesn't always discriminate, the site has now posted a similar list of AMD's future 28-nm mobile parts.

Apparently, AMD won't have its new mobile parts out for very long before Nvidia. Word is that AMD expects samples of the slower variants in early September, with shipments due in December. Higher-end parts will sample and a ship a month later than their siblings. (By contrast, Tuesday's story said much of Nvidia's 28-nm mobile lineup will sample in early October and hit mass production in late December. Shipments will presumably follow some time after that.)

In terms of specs, SemiAccurate's latest list shows mobile, 28-nm Radeons with 2GB to 4GB of RAM, memory interface widths of 128 and 256 bits, and power envelopes of 25W to 80W. 3DMark Vantage scores will purportedly go all the way up to P1600. All of that RAM sounds a bit over the top, especially considering laptop displays almost never go beyond 1080p. At least the 4GB model is said to use GDDR5 RAM, though—unlike some products we could mention.

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