1. C|Net's benchmark comparison: MacOS X vs. MacOS 9.1 (thanks Steven C. Den Beste)
  2. Demos from Tranzmit: Subcultural Reflection by Unique, SF2K, and Flower by Prune
  3. Cyrix III retail box debuts in Japan (thanks Firestone)
  4. Tweakers Asylum's Windows 2000 registry guide
  5. Athlon/HardwareOC forum giveaway contest
  6. bluescreenofdeth's portable BSOD
  7. CoreSpeed3D's thermoengine giveaway
  8. Website du jour: Digicrime

  1. 3DCenter reviews STMicro/ImgTec Kyro II (in German ~ Babelfish here)
  2. Futurelooks reviews Wacom Graphire art tablet
  3. Digit Life reviews Genius Sound Maker Live 5.1 sound card
  4. VideoCardDrivers reviews Sennheiser HD535 headphones
  5. PC Review on "Neon" string
  6. Pro Cooling on chemicals and insulating your rig
  7. Extreme Overclocking's heatsink roundup 2
  8. The-Ctrl-Alt-Del reviews OCZ Quicksilver & copper spacer
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