Razer intros ultra-slim gaming notebook

Peripheral maker Razer has long catered to gamers, and its latest creation stays true to those roots while entering an entirely new market: notebooks. The company has unveiled the Blade, a gaming laptop that features a Sandy Bridge CPU, discrete GeForce graphics, and a slender aluminum chassis just 0.88" thick. The Blade looks pretty badass, too.


Don't let the 7-lb weight fool you; this thing can punch well above its weight class. Intel worked closely with Razer to squeeze a dual-core Core i7-2640M into the system alongside a GeForce GT 555M with 2GB of GDDR5 memory. The mid-range GT 555M certainly isn't the fastest mobile GeForce, but it's a heck of a lot quicker than Sandy Bridge's integrated GPU.

You're going to need that pixel-pushing horsepower to fuel the Blade's 17" display, which serves up 1920x1080 pixels. There's no word on the panel type, so it's probably a TN display. Razer fills out the rest of the system with 8GB of RAM, a 7,200-RPM mechanical hard drive, and a 60-Wh battery. Oh, and one more thing...

Instead of featuring a standard touchpad south of the keyboard, there's a multitouch LCD display and 10 "dynamic adaptive tactile keys" off to the right. The LCD can be used as a touchpad or configured as a secondary display when a mouse (or Razer's Hydra motion controller) is filling in as a pointing device.

As one might expect, the Blade isn't going to be cheap: Razer quotes a $2,800 asking price, which is more expensive than the 17" MacBook Pro. Of course, the Mac has a slower CPU and hard drive, half the RAM, and a much less magical touchpad.

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