Crackers Over the Keyboard Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. I can't believe it: The Razer Blade might not just be the future
    of PC gaming—it may be the future of PCs - Kotaku
  2. JPR: The overall CG market will exceed $100 billion in 2014
  3. Engadget HD's HDHomeRun Prime CableCard tuner hands-on
  4. New York Post on $99 tablets: Price is right
  5. Engadget's exclusive: HTC Holiday for AT&T in
    the wild— 4G LTE, 1.2GHz, 4.5" qHD display
  6. Eurogamer interviews Valve's Gabe Newell
  7. Joystiq's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive preview: Ready, set
  8. Armchair General previews Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

Crackers Over the Keyboard Day

  1. What if? Ted Leonsis says AOL considered mid-'90s Apple buyout - TechFlash
  2. Reuters: Google's Schmidt sees more partners for Google TV
  3. TechFlash: Microsoft plans new store in D.C., part of big East Coast push
  4. Network World: Was this the email that took down RSA?
  5. TUAW reports exhibition of Apple design debuts in German museum
  6. The Huffington Post: Ron Wayne, Apple's 'lost' co-
    founder, describes Steve Jobs in the early days
  7. Engadget HD podcast 262
  8. Newegg's Weekend Express

  1. Engadget reports Sony Android tablet details and
    continue to leak; 'S2' is the Sony Tablet P
  2. AppleInsider: Future iPhones may identify users by the sound of their voice
  3. Tbreak on the top smartphones (mid-2011)
  4. Engadget HD reports Elgato HDHomeRun iPad
    app brings (some) cable channels to the tablet
Software and gaming

  1. Building Windows 8: Designing the Windows 8 file name collision experience
  2. Phoronix's look through Fedora 16 Alpha
  3. openSUSE security update: Firefox updated to v3.6.20 -
  4. Wine 1.3.27 is now available
  5. Opera 11.51 (Swordfish) Release Candidate 2
  6. Joystiq's Halo Combat Evolved Anniversay preview: Like falling off a log
  7. Kitguru's Space Pirates and Zombies review (PC)

  1. Engadget's Sony NEX-FS100 review
  2. TechReaction on BitFenix Alchemy cables
  3. Kitguru's LEPA Gold 700 power supply review
  4. XSReviews on Cooler Master Hyper 612S
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