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Eight is Enough

  1. Ask Engadget: Best (Windows) Home Server and universal remote solution?
  2. The SSD Review: Crucial's m4 SSD firmware update (0009)
    posted - tests display definite performance increase
  3. How to buy a hard drive: an essential guide by Maximum PC's Loyd Case
  4. Research: Video games help reduce crime rates in U.S. -
  5. GameSpot reports EA changes Origin EULA
  6. Eurogamer claims Batman: Arkham City not GWFL
  7. CVG previews Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - discovering a dangerous new world
  8. Joystiq's Guild Wars 2 preview: Common sense

According to Hoyle Day

  1. Microsoft News reports Microsoft awarded with
    on gestures supported on Windows 8
  2. Techdirt: Paul Vixie explains how Protect IP will break the Internet
  3. Engadget: Digital Projection debuts new native ultrawidescreen projector
  4. C|Net reports Seagate launches portable HDD with built-in Wi-Fi
  5. ATi-Forum reports Roccat shows new Talk FX at Gamescom (in German)
  6. Engadget mobile podcast 101
  7. Dealzon's deals: $280 off 17.3” Toshiba L770D-ST4N01 AMD Quad A6-3400M,
    $60 coupon for 15.6” Dell Latitude E6520, $50 coupon for 15.6” Dell Vostro 3555
    $599+, and $30 coupon for 21.5” hp Omni 200t PC

  1. WPCentral reports Windows Phone Mango ROM released for HTC HD2
  2. AppleInsider: Photos of alleged white fifth-gen iPod touch part emerge
Software and gaming

  1. PeaZip 3.9.1
  2. RPS interview: The rage & lust of id's Tim Willits
  3. IGN on Hawken: Stunning mech combat (trailer)
  4. PAX: Details on the next Minecraft update - IGN
  5. HuffPost Tech reports World of Warcraft addiction
    made video games crowd out man's real life
  6. IObit Game Booster 3 Final

  1. Neowin reviews Toshiba Satellite P755
  2. The SSD Review's 120GB Runcore T50 mSATA SSD (SF-2281) exclusive review
  3. Tbreak's Turtle Beach DPX21 review
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