GloFo, Samsung partner up on high-perf 28-nm process

Santa Clara — At the GlobalFoundries Technology Conference here in Silicon Valley, GlobalFoundries revealed that it has broadened its partnership with Samsung on 28-nm high-K metal gate manufacturing.

Last year, the two companies, along with IBM and STMicroelectronics, announced plans to sync up their fabs to facilitate production using a low-power, 28-nm HKMG process. Today, GlobalFoundries says it's teaming up with Samsung on a high-performance, low-leakage 28-nm HKMG manufacturing process that complements the low-power process announced in 2010.

This new, high-power process was "specifically developed for mobile applications," and it purportedly offers "60 percent of active power reduction at the same frequency or 55 percent of performance boost at the same leakage over 45nm low power (LP) SoC designs." GlobalFoundries sees the process as suitable for high-end smart phones, tablets, and even notebooks.

The process will be qualified at GlobalFoundries' fabs in Dresden, Germany and in Saratoga County, New York, as well as at Samsung's facilities in Giheung, South Korea and in Austin, Texas. The two companies also plan to whip up "a comprehensive System-on-a-Chip (SoC) design platform . . . to enable seamless customer design-in to the multiple global manufacturing sites."

We'll have more from the GlobalFoundries Technology Conference for you soon.

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