HP readies TouchPad encore

Miss out on your chance to buy an HP TouchPad? There's hope. The popularity of deeply discounted TouchPads has apparently inspired HP to put in one final order with its suppliers.

An official blog post on the subject answers numerous questions about the extra batch of TouchPads but fails to reveal exactly how much they'll cost. HP's Canadian and US sites both show the 16GB and 32Gb slates listed at $99 and $149, so there's hope the bargain-basement prices will apply to the encore. Alas, it seems that even HP doesn't know how many additional units it'll be able to get or when those tablets will be available for purchase.

I'd probably pick up a TouchPad if I could find one for $100. The hardware certainly isn't the slickest out there, but it's hard to beat that price. You might even be able to run Android on the tablet in the future. The CyanogenMod folks already have Google's OS working on the TouchPad, although it's far from ready for prime time.

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