Thermaltake adds more features to Meka mechanical keyboard

Thermaltake has expanded its line of mechanical-switch keyboards with a new model that piles on extra features for gamers. Like the rest of the Meka series, the G-Unit uses black Cherry key switches. The standard layout is complemented by a dozen dedicated macro keys, and you can assign macros to an additional eight keys. 64KB of built-in memory stores macro data for three profiles, providing quite a lot of customization potential.

Although backlighting is included, it seems to be restricted to three regions of the keyboard: the WASD cluster, the spacebar, and the numpad. I suppose that'll do for gamers, and it should be enough lighting to find the home row when typing in the dark. I'm surprised there's no option to light up the whole keyboard, though.

As one might expect, the G-Unit has anti-ghosting tech, a wicked-fast polling rate, and an integrated USB hub. The Windows key can be disabled with the touch of a button, and Thermaltake even throws in a set of media-specific hotkeys. Both the palm rest and the USB cord are detachable, as well.

The G-Unit isn't available for sale just yet, but count on it costing more than the Meka G1, which has fewer features and runs $110 online. This looks like an interesting alternative to the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate we reviewed last month.

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