OCZ finalizes RevoDrive Hybrid storage sandwich

Remember the RevoDrive Hybrid we saw at Computex a couple of months ago? OCZ has finalized the HDD/SSD tag team, and it's going to be a little pricier than expected—$500, to be exact. That buys you a notebook hard drive with a 5,400-RPM spindle speed and an even terabyte of total capacity. The drive sits atop a second-gen PCI Express x4 card packing dual SandForce 2281 SSD controllers and 128GB of 25-nm MLC NAND.

Those SandForce chips are tied together using OCZ's proprietary SuperScale storage controller, which has RAID-like functionality and additional features pulled from the company's Virtualized Controller Architecture (VCA). On top of that, you've got Nvelo's Dataplex software. This final layer manages the relationship between the SSD and the hard drive, using the former to intelligently cache reads and writes bound for the latter.

You want numbers? Try maximum read and write speeds of 910 and 810 MB/s, respectively. The Hybrid is purportedly capable of hitting 120,000 IOps with 4KB random writes, as well.  Interestingly, OCZ is using an enterprise-style overprovisiniong percentage with the SSD component. Of the 128GB of NAND on the circuit board, 28GB is set aside for the SSD controllers. A consumer-grade SSD would typically lose 8GB to overprovisioning in that scenario.

I'm curious to see how the new RevoDrive stacks up against Intel's Smart Response SSD caching tech. With dual SSD controllers and VCA mojo, the Hybrid would appear to have a far superior cache component. The question is whether that's enough to make up for the relatively slow notebook hard drive.

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