Amazon could be prepping 7-, 10-inch Android tablets

Aren't conflicting rumors fun? There's always a nugget of truth in there somewhere, but the search for it is like an Easter egg hunt. This time, DigiTimes and the Wall Street Journal seem to be at odds on the topic of Amazon's upcoming Android slate—or slates.

DigiTimes, which got its information from sources at component suppliers, claims Amazon is prepping two Android tablets: a 10.1" device due to hit mass production in the first quarter of next year, and a 7" model that will ship in October. Amazon will reportedly tap Foxconn to manufacture these contraptions.

The Wall Street Journal, meanwhile, wrote in July of a 9" Amazon tablet, which "people familiar with the matter" expected to see introduced by October. The Journal made no mention of smaller or bigger variants, and conversely, DigiTimes says nothing of a nine-inch product. And although both publications talk of things going down in October, the Journal's story hints at an earlier launch.

Which source is right? Could they both be? 7- and 10-inch screen sizes certainly seem popular in the tablet world right now, so DigiTimes' story has a grain of plausibility to it. Of course, technically, Amazon could have 7", 9", and 10" Android tablets up its sleeve—but I have a hard time imagining how the company would differentiate 9" and 10" Android slates. Time will tell, I suppose.

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