Report: Intel to postpone Ivy Bridge by a few months

With multi-billion-dollar profits flowing in every quarter and a gross margin above 60%, Intel is the last company you'd expect to be going around pinching pennies. However, quoting folks at "PC players," DigiTimes reports that Intel has opted to push back its 22-nm Ivy Bridge processors by a whole quarter—reportedly as a cost-cutting measure:

Intel has recently decided to delay its Ivy Bridge platform launch from the end of 2011 to March 2012, while notebook models with the new platform will start appearing in the channel in April to allow a smooth transition between the existing Sandy Bridge platform and the new platform.

The story goes on to say that Intel is mulling whether or not to postpone 22-nm upgrade plans at its Fab 24 facility in Ireland. The chipmaker had reportedly set aside $500 million for the fab upgrade earlier this year.

What's the reasoning behind these alleged moves? According to DigiTimes, Intel has worked out that PC demand may be softer than expected next year, and it's adjusting its plans accordingly. Interesting, if true—and also too bad for everyone hoping to upgrade to Ivy Bridge sooner rather than later.

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