Matte screen, swanky keyboard highlight Toshiba ultrabook

Engadget's minions are all over the IFA trade show in Berlin, Germany, and they've gotten their hands on yet another ultrabook, this time from Toshiba. The Portege Z830 is a member of Intel's exclusive new notebook family, and it's as svelte as you'd expect: 16 mm thick and only 2.5 lbs. You'll have to wait until November to get your hands on one, but the price tag (at least for the base model) is slated to slip under a grand.

For the most part, the Portege looks like pretty standard ultrabook fare. Toshiba has added a dash of spice here and there, though. The 13.3" display may sport the usual 1366x768 pixel density, but the screen itself has a matte coating rather than a layer of gloss. Then there's the chiclet keyboard, which is both LED-backlit and spill-resistant. Engadget says the keys are satisfyingly clicky, too.

Although the metal body will no doubt invite comparisons to Apple's design aesthetic, it's a magnesium chassis rather than the usual aluminum. Toshiba's official press release mentions an "enhanced Honeycomb Rib" that provides extra shock protection and rigidity—for your pleasure, presumably.

Toshiba doesn't talk about run times, but the 47-Wh battery will hopefully push the system into the eight-hour range. We'll know more in a few months, when the Portege will no doubt be joined by droves of slender contenders competing for the ultrabook crown.

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