Modern Warfare 3 trailer dips into multiplayer mayhem

Rock, Paper, Shotgun pointed me to a new Modern Warfare 3 trailer today. This apparent multiplayer world premiere is filled with slow-motion effects and interesting camera angles—also, lots of shooting.

Am I the only one that feels a little underwhelmed by the footage? The graphics don't look all that great, and the action reinforces the impression that Call of Duty multiplayer consists of brief bouts of heavy action followed by getting killed by someone you can't see. Perhaps I've been ruined by the latest Battlefield 3 trailer, which shows a much more dynamic multiplayer experience in addition to prettier visuals.

The two games are due out within about a couple of weeks of each other. Battlefield 3 hits first, on October 25, while Modern Warfare 3 touches down on November 8. I know which one I'm ordering.

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