Labor Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. TC Magazine: Intel rolls out more Core, Pentium & Celeron processors
    and Intel Pentium E5800, E6700, and E6800 CPUs to retire this year
  2. Neowin reports 70" HDTV prototype is also a Windows 7 PC
  3. Engadget has Haier's transparent organic TV eyes-on (video)
    and Elgato EyeTV Mobile eyes-on (video)
  4. Neowin shares rumor: iPhone 5 to go on sale October 21 (or early October?)
  5. VR-Zone: Apple iPhone 5 cases spotted in China
    hint at a "tear drop" design, similar to MacBook Air
  6. DSLReports Forums: Chatter about Mozilla Firefox 6.0.2 Final
  7. VG24/7 finds fourteen minutes of leaked Borderlands 2 gameplay
  8. Today only: Newegg's Labor Day deals

Labor Day

  1. PreCentral: hp splitting the webOS GBU in two; software
    headed to Office of Strategy and Technology [exclusive]
  2. Huff Post Tech reports Google+ adds 'suggested users list'
  3. features the Mars II NCIXPC
  4. Dealzon's deals: $150 coupon for 14” hp Envy 14 Quad i7-2630QM, $30 coupon
    for 14” hp dm4t i3-2330M, $100 coupon for 23” hp TouchSmart 610xt Quad
    i5-2400, and $100 coupon for hp Elite h8xt Quad i7-2600 PC

  1. Engadget's Acer W4 hands-on (video)
Software and gaming

  1. SeaMonkey 2.3.2
  2. The Telegraph: Activision Blizzard's Bobby Kotick
    ready to keep pace with explosion of social gaming
  3. Engadget: LG's 'Dual Play TVs let gamers share a single screen, different perspective
  4. PC Gamer's editorial: How to save adventure games

  1. AnandTech posts file server builder's guide
  2. Hi Tech Legion's EVGA Z68 SLI motherboard review
  3. The SSD Review 50GB Super Talent USB Express 3.0 RC8
  4. Real World Labs on 700W EPA G700-MA PSU
  5. TecCentral reviews Thermalright True Spirit CPU cooler (in German)
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