Hard Reset demo available now

Remember when developers used to release demos ahead of a game's launch date? The practice has fallen out of favor in recent years, with multiplayer betas often being your only chance to preview a game before making a purchase. I guess that makes the folks behind Hard Reset a little old school. The PC exclusive is due out in less than a week, but you can sample a free demo on Steam.

The game itself promises a "fast-paced, old-school shooter gameplay" with loads of enemies, a weapon upgrade system, and extensive physics effects. Springing for the full version will only set you back $30—or $27 if you pre-order the game before its official release.

Hard Reset arrives a few weeks ahead of a deluge of new titles is set to hit the PC, so there's time to take it in before moving on to big-name releases like Rage, Batman: Arkham City, and Battlefield 3, just to name a few. The small handful of demo impressions I've read online are pretty positive, although they do note that the demo only offers about 15 minutes of gameplay. Still, that's 15 more minutes of preview gameplay than you're likely to get with any other PC shooter this season. Props to developer The Flying Wild Hog for giving gamers a free taste of what to expect from the game.

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