Report: First Windows 8 tablet might be Intel-powered

So, that Windows 8 tablet Microsoft and Samsung are expected to demo at the Build conference this week? Word has it the tablet—or one variant of it—will have an Intel processor inside, despite all the noise Microsoft has been making about Windows 8's ARM processor support.

The news comes from the folks at CNet, who received the surprising tidbit from a "source familiar with the device." The site goes on to specify that "at least one version" will be Intel-powered, which suggests that an ARM-based model could also make an appearance. Oh, and some of the devices might get distributed among the crowd of developers in attendance.

I think showcasing multiple variants would make the most sense. It would send a message to developers that Windows 8 tablets will come in all shapes and sizes, with either Intel or ARM processors. Such a move would also be great PR for Intel. The chipmaker has remained adamant that x86-based chips will go toe-to-toe with ARM SoCs in tomorrow's handhelds—and an endorsement from Microsoft would only lend weight to that claim.

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