AMD FX-series chips show up in early listings

Last we checked, AMD hadn't even announced shipments of desktop Bulldozer processors yet, and server-based offerings that were shipping weren't due out until the fourth quarter. That hasn't stopped a small, U.S.-based e-tailer from jumping the gun and putting up listings for FX-series Bulldozer CPUs, however.

The e-tailer, Bottom Line Telecommunications Corporation, is listing three chips:

  • An FX-6100 model with six cores, a 3.3GHz clock speed, 14MB of cache, a 95W thermal envelope, and an asking price of $188.32.
  • An FX-8120 model with eight cores, a 3.1GHz speed, 16MB of cache, a 125W TDP, and a $221.73 asking price.
  • And an FX-8150 model, which looks similar to the FX-8120 except for its 3.6GHz clock speed and $266.28 price tag.

The quoted specs match those leaked by Gigabyte in a motherboard compatibility page earlier this month, so we could be looking at the real thing here.

According to CPU-World, which first spotted the Bottom Line Telecommunications listings, final retail prices will likely be $10-20 lower than what you see in these early listings. $266 for the top-of-the-line FX-8150 sounds about right, though. Back in July, AMD quoted an "approximate retail value" of $300 for FX-series CPUs being given out as part of a contest.

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