Nvidia announces Windows 8 Developer Program

ARM seems to have taken a back seat at Microsoft's Build conference, since both the first Windows 8 tablet and the Developer Preview build are x86-only. That hasn't stopped Nvidia from announcing its Windows 8 Developer Program, through which the company will help developers get Windows 8 apps up and running on its Tegra processors—among other products.

Nvidia notes that Kal-El, its upcoming quad-core Tegra processor, is ARM-based and will power "lightweight, energy-efficient tablets and notebooks." Those are precisely the kinds of systems on which Windows 8 is expected to show up next year. Nvidia's Windows 8 Developer Program will go beyond Tegra, though; it will also give programmers resources and tools to aid development with GeForce and Quadro graphics cards, not to mention Tesla GPUs.

The fact that Nvidia is providing developer support for the next version of Windows isn't terribly shocking, to put it mildly. However, Nvidia seems to suggest it will be in a better position than other ARM CPU vendors to provide support for Windows 8, pointing to its "intimate familiarity with the Windows code base" and its 15 years of experience supporting Windows developers. (The announcement stops short of claiming outright superiority over other ARM-based chip vendors, though.)

If you're a developer, you can sign up for Nvidia's Windows 8 Developer Program by heading to this page. Folks in Anaheim, California can also check Nvidia's booth at the Build conference.

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