Howdy all. IDF is, for most intents, really just a two-day event, maybe two and a half, and that's it. Yet the thing is usually packed to the gills with meetings, news, and other things to write about. As is my usual pattern, I've spent the day filling up my queue with way too many cool things to write about and my evening feeling guilty about not having the energy to write about them. Ack.

Regardless, I will be back at the Moscone Center in the morning, bright and early, ready to produce another live blog—ably assisted by Geoff, who has been providing pictures. Tomorrow's opening keynote speaker is the ever-colorful Mooly Eden, who will be talking about Ultrabooks. I plan not to shave before the speech, so I can use the edge of an Asus prototype to do the job later during the press demo session. If you can, point your browser to TR at around 9AM Pacific in the morning for the live blog and some excellent pictures of Mooly's beret.

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