Almost famous

Long-time readers of Tom's Hardware Guide should be familiar with the inimitable Ohmid Ramat's "Second Hand Smoke" column. After a long hiatus, he has returned with a fresh new perspective on the industry.
The last time I had a column on these pages was about fourteen months ago. So, it feels a little strange to be here again, and at the same time, it is gratifying to get back into the world of hardware. Having spent the best part of the last fourteen months in the world of Internet software, I have to admit to feeling more comfortable dealing with tangible stuff, stuff that you can hold in your hands, or throw out the window when it gets you down. Who knows, maybe if people could hold a Web site in their hands, like a box, or urn, or something they could hurl and smash into a million pieces, maybe, just maybe, the tech world would be a little more stable these days.
If you've never read his stuff, give him a try. For old-timers, expect the usual insightful commentary. His column continues here.
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