AMD shows 28-nm mobile GPU in action

As the Intel Developer Forum rolls on, AMD seems to be doing all it can to get into the spotlight. After claiming a Guinness world record with an overclocked FX processor yesterday, the company has now given everyone a glimpse of its upcoming 28-nm graphics processors. Here's the skinny, straight from the company's Facebook Wall:

Live from IDF, here’s a sneak peek of our upcoming 28nm next gen notebook discrete, GPU, driving Codemasters’ cutting edge simulator, DiRT 3 - Official Game Page. This is working 28nm technology in-house. Are you ready for this?

That man in the photo is none other than David Cummings, the Director of Technology Management for AMD's GPU division. You'll find a couple of closeups of the test board (sans Cumming's mug) in the image gallery below.

Last we heard, AMD expected to have its first 28-nm graphics chips out by the end of this year. AMD is working with both TSMC and GlobalFoundries on 28-nm manufacturing. Our own Scott Wasson and Geoff Gasior are at IDF as we speak, and they should have more details for you all tomorrow.

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