First Max Payne 3 trailer shows Max's transformation

What's Max Payne doing in Brazil, and why did he lose his dashing head of hair and leather coat? You might have been asking yourself those questions ever since the first Max Payne 3 screenshots and concept art started trickling out a few years ago. Well, Rockstar Games has now shed some light on the subject in what appears to be the first public trailer for the game:

The good news is that voice actor James McCaffrey is back playing Mr. Payne, and the film noir-style narration of the first two games looks to have made the cut, as well. Max Payne 3 seems to have less of a film noir vibe, though—what with all the daylight action and everything—so the narration and music seem a tad out of place.

I'm still intrigued, though, and I might just pick up Max Payne 3 when it comes out next March.

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