Windows 8, iTunes app stores to have a lot in common

Microsoft looks set to take a page from Apple's playbook with its Metro app store. More details are beginning to emerge about the company's business model, and as PC World reports, it sounds awfully similar to what Apple's doing with the iTunes App Store.

For starters, the site quotes Microsoft's Ted Dworkin as saying, "We will be the only store for distribution of Metro-style apps." Dworkin reportedly leads development of the Windows Store. On top of that, PC World learned that Microsoft will take a 30% cut off Metro app sales—the same percentage Apple takes off third-party iOS apps.

We also found out last week that Metro apps submitted to the Windows Store will be subject to a six-step approval process. As part of that process, Microsoft will check apps for security flaws and compliance with technical and content-filtering rules.

You know the saying: good artists copy, great artists steal. The iOS App Store model certainly has its upsides, from weeding out buggy apps to giving indie app developers a simple avenue to monetize their efforts. As for the downsides, well, I'm sure someone will come up with a jailbreak-like scheme to install unauthorized Metro apps on Windows 8 machines, for users who care to get their hands dirty.

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