Report: No schedule set for AMD's 28-nm APUs

At its Financial Analyst Day presentation last year, AMD quoted a 2012 release time frame for its 28-nm Krishna and Wichita APUs—the successors to today's Ontario and Zacate parts. AMD hasn't changed that schedule as far as we know, but the folks at X-bit labs now report that we could see Krishna and Wichita later rather than sooner:

Officially, the code-named Wichita accelerated processing unit (APU) is planned to be released in 2012. However, a source with knowledge of AMD's plans said that the company still has not set any exact schedule for the roll-out of its second-generation entry-level APU-based platform. In fact, AMD intends to sell its Brazos chips till Q4 2012 at least, according to the person, who decided to remain anonymous. However, it should be noted that the existing plans are not final.

Of course, we should point out that new processor launches don't cause shipments of previous-gen parts to halt immediately. Those can take months to get phased out. So, even if Brazos APUs ship through the end of 2012, Krishna and Wichita could come out earlier in the year.

Leaked slides posted last month suggest that Krishna and Wichita will deliver up to 20% greater CPU performance and more than 25% higher graphics performance versus Ontario. More cores are in store, too—as many as four—as is USB 3.0 support in the accompanying platform. Krishna and Wichita will likely be manufactured by GlobalFoundries on its 28-nm bulk silicon process.

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