ASCII24 reports that VIA introduced the "VIA C3" (formerly Cyrix III) at CeBIT. This is VIA's Socket 370 processor codenamed "Samuel 2" and manufactured at the 0.15 micron process. VIA's offering aims to compete with other value processors like the Duron and Celeron. The C3's die size measures 52mm X 52mm. It comes with 128KB L1 cache / 64KB L2 cache and MMX and 3DNow! support. The first C3 processors will start at 733MHz but a 800MHz part will follow soon. Here are some slides on power consumption, Winstone99 benchmarks (against the Celeron, not the Duron), and the new brand name.

VIA also showcased a new form factor called ITX. Designed for integrated PCs and appliances, its size is slightly smaller than FlexATX. Additionally, it will require a different type of power supply connector than ATX (or some kind of adapter). A reference design of VIA's Web Pad was on display as well. Here is a picture of ServerLinux Network's rackmount server. Intended for SOHOs, it features two Cyrix III 700MHz processors with the VIA Apollo Pro 133A chipset (cool red PCB) running TurboLinux Server Edition.

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