Reports: PC makers still voicing concerns about ultrabooks

In the wake of IDF, it sounds like PC vendors and manufacturers are still voicing concerns about the whole ultrabook concept. Some are doing so overtly, while others are choosing to stay anonymous.

DigiTimes reports that Acer President Scott Lin and Compal President Ray Chen have both urged Intel to lower processor prices. Lin claimed that, without a price cut, PC vendors might outfit their ultrabooks with underpowered chips and fail to push the systems as aggressively. Chen, meanwhile, suggested that Intel might have trouble hitting its ultrabook targets if it doesn't slash prices.

A separate story, also posted by DigiTimes, quotes nameless "sources from PC players" who reckon that consumers might poo-poo ultrabooks, "because average prices are still about 30% higher than those of mainstream notebooks." The sources believe that ultrabooks may be successful, but only if they offer good performance per dollar and are actively promoted by both "channel retailers and notebook brand vendors."

I have to say I'm split. On the one hand, those could be very legitimate complaints about a category of PCs Intel has promoted heavily in recent months. On the other hand, PC makers could simply be trying to exert pressure in order to secure higher margins ahead of the first ultrabook sales. Time will tell, I suppose.

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