Eee Pad Transformer 2 benched, may indeed have Kal-El

All that talk about a second-generation, Kal-El-powered Eee Pad Transformer may not have been just idle speculation. Benchmarks for an "Asus Transformer TF201" made their way onto the GLBenchmark website. While the results have been taken down, Liliputing was able to retrieve them from Google's cache—and they paint an interesting picture.

Compared to Acer's Iconia Tab A500, which packs a vanilla Tegra 2 system-on-a-chip, the Transformer TF201 apparently managed considerably higher scores: 40.6 FPS vs. 17 FPS in the "Egypt Standard" test, and 65 vs. 21 FPS in the "Offscreen 720p test." Liliputing points out that the TF201 figures are roughly in line with "what you’d see from a high-end smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S II."

Based on what Nvidia disclosed yesterday about Kal-El's power consumption, it seems like those gains in performance might not imply shorter battery life. Kal-El purportedly draws less power than its predecessor in standby mode as well as during MP3 playback, HD video playback, and gaming. (The power consumption figures quoted by Nvidia might be best-case scenarios, though.)

As we noted yesterday, rumors around the web suggest the second-gen Eee Pad Transformer could arrive next month. Little else is known about the device so far.

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