Poll: Gauging Bulldozer's performance prospects

If you believe the latest rumors, AMD's Bulldozer-based Zambezi processors will debut in just a few weeks. It's about time. More than a year has passed since AMD unveiled its next-generation CPU architecture, and we're desperately curious to see how the first commercial implementations stack up against Intel's Sandy Bridge CPUs.

While we wait for AMD to lift the curtain on its new FX-series CPUs, let's engage in a little speculation about how the flagship model will perform. Will the fastest Bulldozer offering be able to keep up with the Core i7-2600K, or will it be more competitive with slower CPUs like the i5-2500K or Phenom II X6 1100T? You can cast your vote in the poll below or in the middle column on the front page.

In our last poll, we inquired about the state of your PC when it's lying dormant. Almost half of you (49%) shut down your primary system when it's not in use. 22% prefer to put their PCs to sleep, while nearly the same percentage is content to let their system idle without turning it off. The remaining 7% favor hibernation, which may further fall out of favor as solid-state drives become more popular.

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