Core i7-2700K to cost $340-350, report suggests

Earlier this month, the rumor mill claimed Intel was quietly cooking up a Core i7-2700K processor meant to supplant the Core i7-2600K. Now, VR-Zone reports the 2700K may be its own thing and could enter Intel's LGA1155 lineup without upsetting the current price structure.

In other words, the i7-2700K's arrival may not make the i7-2600K—or any of the other Sandy Bridge offerings, for that matter—any cheaper. The new CPU will reportedly be priced in the $340-350 range, leaving the i7-2600K at $317 just like it's been since January.

I suppose Intel might not have much of an incentive to cut the price of its current Sandy Bridge flagship. DonanimHaber reported yesterday that AMD's FX-series processors will top out at $245, which could leave the i7-2600K without direct competition. (At least, that's assuming AMD won't charge $245 for a chip capable of beating Intel's finest.)

Incidentally, VR-Zone notes that the i7-2700K will run at 3.5GHz and will be "otherwise identical" to the i7-2600K, albeit with purportedly better overclocking potential. That might mean an identical Turbo Boost speed. When we first heard about the chip, we surmised that it would have a 3.5GHz base speed and a 3.9GHz Turbo speed, both 100MHz jumps over the i7-2600K's specifications.

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