AMD Products Group head Rick Bergman resigns

Today seems to be executive shake-up day in the tech industry. On the heels of HP's CEO change, AMD has announced that Rick Bergman, the head of its Products Group, has left the company. CEO Rory Read will take over his duties in the interim.

Bergman joined AMD from ATI after the 2006 merger. Following a tenure as Senior VP of AMD's Graphics Product Group, Bergman became the head of the Products Group when AMD combined its graphics and microprocessor businesses in May 2009. Today, AMD says Bergman is leaving to "pursue a new opportunity"—so, this might be more of a bona-fide resignation than a veiled dismissal.

To top this off, AMD has announced that Paul Struhsaker, Comcast's former Senior VP of Engineering, has joined AMD's newly formed Commercial Business Division. Struhsaker's job will be to "oversee product management and roadmap planning for AMD's server, high performance computing and embedded products."

AMD spins Struhsaker's arrival as a show of its "commitment to profitably" in the server space. Prior to his stint at Comcast, Struhsaker worked for Motorola, where he "helped lead development of all handset, modem/stack and application processor platforms."

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