Amazon could unveil its Android tablet next week

By now, you've probably caught wind of the rumors that Amazon is not-so-quietly cooking up an Android tablet. One blogger even claims to have spent some quality time with the device. According to TechCrunch, Amazon may now be on the verge of introducing the tablet.

Indeed, Amazon has apparently sent out invitations for a press conference to be held on the morning of September 28. The invite doesn't say anything about what's in store, but TechCrunch speculates that the tablet is likely to make an appearance. Other possible announcements might include new Kindle e-readers and the company's 7-Eleven delivery lockers, but a hardware launch seems more likely, especially with Barnes & Noble turning the heat up on Amazon with its Nook devices.

Word is that the Amazon tablet will have a 7" display, a $250 price tag, and a customized version of Android without all of the Google software. Some sort of all-you-can-watch TV and movie service might be in the cards, as well, which could make the device a sort of Kindle for video content. We'll find out for sure soon enough, hopefully.

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