Deal of the week: Cheap SSDs and a couple of game deals

We’ve got some solid-state drive, memory, and PC game deals for you all this week, starting with a sale on Crucial products at Amazon. The sale lets you grab Crucial’s m4 64GB and 128GB SSDs for $99.99 and $184.99 (down from the usual $126.99 and $222.99), respectively, plus a 4GB kit of Ballistix Sport DDR3-1333 RAM for just $25.99—among other things.

Those are great prices for the most part, although the 64GB Crucial m4 is five bucks cheaper at Newegg. Oh, and Newegg also has Corsair’s Force Series 3 120GB SSD on sale for $165.99 shipped, or $135.99 after a mail-in rebate. The m4 drives have considerably more positive user reviews, so they might be a better choice for less adventurous users. But, you know… whatever floats your boat.

On the gaming side of things, Amazon still has digitally downloadable versions of both Dead Island and Deus Ex: Human Revolution on sale for $39.99 each. That’s down $10 from the regular price. I strongly recommend the latter.

Our Canadian friends can venture over to NCIX, which is running its Fantastic Fall Sale Event until September 28. That sale covers plenty of gear, like Corsair’s Carbide Series 400R enclosure (on sale for $89.99 CAD), Mushkin’s 8GB Stiletto DDR3-1333 memory kit ($39.99 CAD before a $5 mail-in rebate), and many more.

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    • LoneWolf15
    • 8 years ago

    Right now, I’d nominate NCIX’s sale price on the Core i7-2600K at $269.99 (free shipping) the deal of the week, what with their US Grand Opening sale going on.

    I got all twitchy and started to go through hardware withdrawal DTs, and before I knew what was happening, I had hit the “Order” key.

    • HighTech4US2
    • 8 years ago

    I don’t understand why the title has “Cheap SSDs” in the “Deal of the week”. Anything over a $1 a GB is not a deal.

    A short while ago 64gb SSD’s were selling for $60 (after rebate) or less than a $1 a GB. Now they are selling for $99.99 or a price Increase of 66.7% over the $60 price.

    So in the future if you want to get on the “Deal of the week” jack your price back up to $126.99 (from $60) then drop it to $99.99 and TR will list you as a “Deal of the week”.

    Bate & Switch at it’s best.

      • Johnny5
      • 8 years ago

      The Crucial m4 is not a budget SSD.The ones that are approaching $1/GB wouldn’t be nearly as fast performers.

        • Ringofett
        • 8 years ago

        Still a bad deal for the 128gb m4; I picked one up when it was on sale at for $149 a month ago for a new laptop. Incidentally, my first non-new-egg purchase in many, many moons for computer hardware.

        You’re right though, $1/gb SSD’s can’t touch the m4, Vertex 3 and that upper echelon.

      • smilingcrow
      • 8 years ago


    • d@mn'd
    • 8 years ago

    [url=<]B&H[/url<] Crucial Technology 128GB m4 SSD 2.5" Solid State Internal Drive for $179

      • tay
      • 8 years ago

      This seems like the best deal. Why would you want the potential headache of a Sandforce drive.

    • SomeOtherGeek
    • 8 years ago

    I guess SSD will always be on the “sale of the week” since they can only go down in price.

      • UberGerbil
      • 8 years ago

      Let’s hope so. They went up in price for a while a couple of years ago (after the price had plummeted due to over-supply in the wake of the financial crisis).

        • Ethyriel
        • 8 years ago

        I just think of how much an 80GB, 2.5″ hard drive cost 5 years ago, and it makes prices much easier to swallow. If I ever have doubts, I consider the nightmare of data recovery and the huge speed increase over those 5 year old 80GB hard drives.

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