Register dumps Magee; Magee bounces

— 12:11 AM on March 28, 2001

By now most of you have probably heard something about what's recently happened at The Register, which has been one of TR's favorite news sources. The main man over there for ages was Mike Magee, whose reporting style, tone, and substance was the soul of the publication he founded. Mike was the one responsible for most of those Register scoops—especially the ones, we later learned, they nailed, even when it didn't seem possible at the time. And it was obvious he provided the creative spark, coining Register-isms and the like.

Not long ago, Mike had a heart attack, and he's since been recovering and, it would seem, re-evaluating things. All of this led to him making this post on an SI messageboard. Clearly, Mike was frustrated with some things internally there at The Reg. This post contains the reply from the folks at the Register as Magee relayed it. The gist:

We view your behaviour last night as gross misconduct. Criticism of The Register and its management in public is unacceptable, and you have already been formally made aware of this. Resignation on a public bulletin board is frankly bizarre, but in any event you have effectively dismissed yourself by your conduct.
So Mike Magee and The Register parted ways.

I can't say Mike didn't provide a catalyst for this with his SI post, but it certainly looks like the rest of the blokes at The Register were looking for a reason. Given the magnitude and ongoing volume of his contributions to the site, which just recently has been experiencing unprecendented success (getting linked off Drudge will do wonders for your traffic, I'm betting), I don't like this one bit.

But people move on to new things, thank goodness. In Mike's case, he's moved on to his own new site, The Inquirer. Unlike his heart, his reporting hasn't missed a beat, and he's already filed a juicy report on a dual Foster motherboard spotted at CeBIT. Check out his amusing mission statement, too.

As for me, I told Mike that starting over would be hard, but if he kept doing quality reporting, the web traffic will eventually come back to him. And I know that of which I speak. Best of luck, Mike.

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