New HP CEO vows to maintain course

If you thought the dramatic ousting of Leo Apotheker would shift HP into reverse, think again. In her first interview as HP CEO, Meg Whitman told BusinessWeek that the company is still going full-steam ahead with the previously announced strategy. "We are behind the actions that were taken on Aug. 18," she said.

That means HP will proceed with the $10.3-billion buyout of enterprise software firm Autonomy. Whitman also vowed that HP will decide whether to sell or spin off its PC division "as soon as possible," acknowledging that uncertainty on that front "doesn't help the business, doesn't help customers, doesn't help shareholders." Yeah, no kidding.

DigiTimes reported last week that notebook manufacturers were expecting HP to backtrack and keep its PC division in-house after the CEO change. However, Whitman's statements don't leave room for much backpedaling. I suppose that means the fate of webOS is also sealed. One has to wonder, then, why Apotheker got the boot. If you're going to drive into a wall at full speed anyway, why change drivers at the last minute?

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