Leaked AMD mobile roadmap littered with codenames

A senior member of the 3DCenter forums has posted what look like slides revealing AMD's mobile roadmap through 2013. As is usually the case with leaked documents, the details should be taken with a grain of salt. The schedule seems plausible, though, especially considering the fact that we saw Trinity, the next-gen Fusion chip, demoed at IDF a couple of weeks ago.

According to this latest round of leaked slides, dual- and quad-core versions of the Trinity APU will enter mass production in January of next year. There will purportedly be 35W and 45W variants of the quad-core chips, while the duallies will carry a 35W TDP. On a different slide, an "E2-Series APU" is listed at the bottom of the Trinity product stack. Let's hope that one is a low-power variant of the chip with a tighter thermal envelope.

Later next year, the low end of the Trinity lineup will apparently get some competition from Wichita, a next-gen APU based on the Bobcat CPU cores found in AMD's existing Brazos platform. Wichita's graphics component carries the same London codename as Trinity, and there will also be a version of the APU dubbed Krishna. Krishna is designed for notebooks smaller than 12", and I'm curious whether it will have fewer cores than Wichita or just lower clock speeds.

While the Trinity APUs look set to be paired with the same mobile chipsets that accompany existing Llano processors, the low-power Yuba platform hub is on the roadmap for next year. This chip will be limited to a pair of Serial ATA 6Gbps and USB 3.0 ports, and it should accompany the Wichita and Krishna APUs.

Looking forward to 2013 brings more codenames but little actual information. AMD purportedly has plans for new Kaveri, Kabini, and Samara APUs, based on the Steamroller and Jaguar CPU cores. Interestingly, Kabini appears to have a built-in chipset component, bringing Fusion to the next level of platform integration.

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