— 11:49 AM on March 28, 2001


  1. MS Security Bulletin (MS01-019): passwords for compressed folders are recoverable
  2. MS Security Bulletin (MS01-018): Visual Studio VB-TSQL object contains unchecked buffer
  3. Ars Technica on Apple firmware (thanks TwoFer)
  4. GamePC@Game Developer Conference
  5. USB Workshop on USB 2.0 flash memory readers
  6. the Duke of URL reviews SuSE Linux 7.1
  7. Dan's Data on reinstalling Windows 9x step by step
  8. Rojak Pot on quick access in Windows 2000
  9. t-break reviews Offroad
  10. A mouse on your head? (thanks rand)
  11. Giveaway contests at Hypothermia and I am not a geek
Systems and graphics

  1. NVIDIA Crush info@VIAhardware (thanks Fabrications)
  2. The Tech Zone reviews OCW TBird & Duron
  3. Abit introduces the KT7E (thanks AMDZone)
  4. Inevitable Revolution demo (thanks Overclocker Cafe)
  5. NVIDIA Detonator 7.59 for Windows 2000@The-Ctrl-Alt-Del
  6. Digit Life reviews ATi Radeon VE (poetic version here)

  1. Envy News reviews MidiLand S4 8200 5.1 speakers and GlobalWin CAF12 card cooler
  2. Savage News reviews Plextor PlexWriter 16/10/40A (TR's review is here)
  3. MadnessPC reviews AOpen 1640 Pro 16x DVD-ROM
  4. Neoseeker reviews Sony Digital Relay CD External CD-RW/MP3 player
  5. Futurelooks reviews Handspring Visor Platinum
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