Acer's S3 ultrabook could start at $899

A price war is brewing in the nascent ultrabook market, according to CRN. The publication has come upon an early listing for a laptop that sounds an awful like Acer's S3 ultrabook—and is selling for only $899.

Acer's S3 ultrabook. Source: Acer

The listing apparently popped up on e-tail site New Age Electronics. While no picture or description of the machine is included, the specs sound about right: a 13.3" display, a Core i5-2467 processor with a 1.6GHz clock speed and a 17W TDP, and a silver finish.

$899 falls within Intel's official sub-$1,000 target for ultrabooks, but we all know "less than $1,000" is often shorthand for $999. Besides, some other upcoming ultrabooks look set to stray from Intel's guideline. Lenovo's IdeaPad U300s , for instance, is expected to start at a whopping $1195.

So far as we're aware, only Asus has plans to offer ultrabooks quite so cheap. CEO Jerry Shen was quoted by DigiTimes as saying prices for his company's ultrabooks were "tentatively set at US$899 and upwards." The comment apparently referred to both 11.6" and 13.3" systems, though, so perhaps the larger model will cost more. Here's hoping Acer helps drag down prices a little in time for our holiday shopping.

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