Frozen Synapse featured in latest Humble Bundle

If you're a fan of indie games, it doesn't get much better than a Humble Bundle. The collections offer cross-platform, DRM-free games at the best prices imaginable: ones you name yourself. This latest bundle starts with only a single game, but it's a good one: Frozen Synapse, of which I have become quite fond. The game is a turn-based, top-down tactical shooter that's equal parts chess, Counter-Strike, and the planning stage from Rainbow Six.

As the above promo video explains, Frozen Synapse is just the tip of the iceberg. If you elect to pay more than the average selling price, which currently sits at $4.51, you'll also get free copies of Trine, Shadowgrounds: Survivor, Shadowgrounds, Splot, and Jack Claw. All the games are available as standalone downloads in addition to being redeemable on Steam, Direct2Drive, and Desura.

Need more incentive? Think about the children. When you set your price for the bundle, you can decide whether to funnel all the money to the game developers or allocate some of it to the Child's Play charity, the EFF, or a tip for the folks behind the Humble Bundles. Thus far, Humble Bundles have raised over $2 million for charity.

The clock runs out on this particular deal in a couple of weeks, leaving plenty of time to take Frozen Synapse's free demo for a test drive. Thanks to TR reader Jeffrey for the tip.

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