Catalyst 11.9 graphics drivers pop up

Radeon owners have been treated to a double whammy of driver updates this month—first with the Catalyst 11.10 preview driver for Battlefield 3, and now with the official, non-beta Catalyst 11.9 update, which is available from the usual place on AMD's Game website.

According to the official release notes, 11.9 introduces support for AMD HD3D for DisplayPort monitors like the Samsung 750 and 950 Series. (AMD HD 3D, of course, is AMD's stereoscopic 3D implementation.)

Other than that, you're mostly looking at bug fixes in these new drivers. Most of the fixes are for Windows 7, too. AMD has ironed out random and intermittent hangs in games like Bad Company 2, Borderlands, and Call of Duty: Black Ops, and F1 2010. Some display corruption issues have also been buffed out, as has "negative CrossFire scaling" in a handful of titles. Oh, and AMD says it squashed a bug that caused VLC 1.1.10 to display a blank image when hardware acceleration was enabled.

Be sure to peruse the release notes for the full list of resolved issues and remaining snags.

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