Report: 10.1'' Amazon tablet coming before year's end

With a $199 price tag and a 7" display, Amazon's freshly announced Kindle Fire couldn't be more different than the iPad. Amazon may not have ruled out competing against the Apple device, though. DigiTimes says the e-tailer turned electronics firm is cooking up a 10.1" tablet that will be manufactured by Foxconn.

Shipments of the 10.1" device will reportedly kick off by the end of this year. DigiTimes says its "industry sources" even talk of Foxconn meeting "holiday-season demand" for the product, which implies a pre-Christmas release. I'm taking that claim with a grain of salt, though. The 7" Kindle Fire isn't actually due to ship out until November 15, and that's already cutting it somewhat close for the holiday shopping rush. I don't expect Amazon to squeeze another tablet in there unless we see an announcement very soon.

The prospect of a 10.1" Kindle Fire certainly sounds plausible. Amazon wouldn't be able to price such a product at $199, of course, but a bigger device would offer longer battery life and a larger, higher-resolution display that would make certain tasks, like web browsing and magazine reading, more comfortable.

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