Chrome may soon pass Firefox in popularity

Firefox was the go-to alternative to Internet Explorer for many years. Then, in September 2008, Google released Chrome. The Google browser has been slowly growing in popularity since then, and a web stats firm quoted by Computerworld now expects Chrome to unseat Firefox as the world's second-most popular browser in December.

According to StatCounter's data, Chrome is sitting pretty with a 23.6% "global average user share" for this month, compared to 26.8% for Firefox and 41.7% for IE. That means Chrome still has a little more than three points to go. Computerworld points out Chrome has already gained eight points this year alone, though—a 50% increase since January 2011. Firefox and IE slipped by four and nine points, respectively, over the same span of time. Chrome's rise to second place seems inevitable.

It's not hard to see why Chrome has gotten popular. Not only is it a solid browser with a clean user interface and rather good rendering and JavaScript performance, but Google has been promoting it aggressively across its online services. A good number of geeks and former Firefox fans have switched, too... including me. In my experience, browsing with Chrome just feels smoother and snappier than it does with Firefox.

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