Deal of the week: 8GB of fast RAM for $48, new games under $40

You've probably gotten the memo about RAM becoming dirt-cheap in recent months, but reminders like this one are always nice to see. Right now, Amazon has an 8GB kit of Kingston DDR3-16000 memory on sale for just $47.99 with free shipping.

That'd be a good price for a value kit, but this is a Kingston HyperX X1 Black dual-channel bundle with slick heat spreaders and a 1600MHz speed rating. It even ships with a code that'll get you a "premium account upgrade for World of Tanks." Code or not, 8GB of fast, name-brand RAM for less than 50 bucks is something to behold.

If you've already crammed your PC full of cheap DIMMs, there are other bargains to be had. Ubisoft's freshly released Driver: San Francisco is already on sale for $39.99 in downloadable form at Amazon, and you can now grab Techland's Dead Island for a cool $36.99. Last I checked, both of those titles were still $49.99 on Steam.

Our Canadian friends can also enjoy cheap memory. NCIX is selling an 8GB kit of Mushkin Enhanced "Blackline Frostbyte" DDR3-1600 memory for $51.99 CAD with a temporary savings code. If you don't mind the strange branding (or are into black metal), that's a pretty solid deal. Other goodies include OCZ's Vertex 3 60GB solid-state drive, which is available for $99.99 CAD after a mail-in rebate.

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