Report: Llano to remain in short supply 'til next year

Last week, AMD warned that manufacturing issues at GlobalFoundries had curbed supply of Llano processors, causing it to miss third-quarter revenue guidance. DigiTimes now reports that the situation may not improve until next year.

The site, which quotes "sources from motherboard players," notes that supply of Llano chips started falling short of demand in July. While AMD reportedly expected things to go back to normal in September, DigiTimes' sources predict that the supply issues will persist "through the end of 2011." They go so far as to say supply of 32-nm APUs won't recover until AMD rolls out its next-generation Trinity chips next year.

That's a bit of a grim forecast, but then again, AMD doesn't publicly point the finger at GlobalFoundries for missed targets every day. A quick look at Newegg also reveals that only dual- and triple-core Llano variants are in stock right now. The A6-3650 and A8-3850, which have four fully enabled cores, are both out of stock.

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