Gearbox posts Aliens: Colonial Marines gameplay footage

At the E3 gaming expo earlier this year, Gearbox Software showed off about 10 minutes of gameplay footage from Aliens: Colonial Marines behind closed doors. Those doors have now opened, and a video of the demo has been posted on YouTube. That's Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford you hear narrating the action.

As someone who loved the first Aliens versus Predator game, I've been eagerly anticipating Colonial Marines. So far, it looks pretty true to the franchise. Pitchford says Gearbox wanted to create "a true sequel to the film in videogame form." Indeed, he admits that he's been "stealing from Aliens [his] entire career."

I'm inclined to forgive Pitchford, because Colonial Marines looks pretty good for something that isn't due out until next spring. The action is appropriately intense, and the environments look spot-on, even if they're mostly shrouded in darkness. Wikipedia tells me the story is being penned by a couple of Battlestar Galactica writers, which bodes well for the narrative. Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the tip.

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