Tuesday Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Wired: AT&T begins sending throttling warnings to top data hogs
  2. From Doom to Rage: 20 years of id development
  3. VR-Zone: AMD and Intel's upcoming platforms get certified by the PCI-SIG
  4. Asus motherboards qualified and true PCIe 3.0 ready.
    Feature 22nm CPU native BIOS support (video)
  5. TR alum Dustin Sklavos on Alienware's M18x, part 1: Nvidia's GeForce GTX 580M in SLI
  6. PCPer's Battlefield 3 (BF3) system build guide - what you need to succeed
  7. Everything USB's Logitech G300 "ambidextrous" gaming mouse review
  8. Ars Technica's virtual showdown: Parallels Desktop 7 and VMware Fusion 4 reviewed


  1. TC Magazine reports Rhapsody to buy Napster, keep the music playing
  2. Reuters: Oracle's Ellison shows off new tech hardware
  3. Fusion-io: New storage class memory beats Fusion ioDrive on all metrics
  4. TC Magazine: Evercool previews its Transformer S CPU cooler
  5. Dealzon's deals: $400 off 17.3” Asus G73SW-XT1 1080p i7-2630QM / GeForce GTX
    460M, $400 coupon for 15.6” hp dv6tqe i7-2630QM / Radeon HD 6770M, $350 coupon
    for 14” Lenovo Y460p i3-2310M, and $109 off 13.3” Apple MacBook Pro Core i7

  1. X-bit labs: Rambus' cryptography unit licenses tech to "major smartphone manufacturer"
  2. InfoWorld: Adapteva aims 64-core chip at tablets, smartphones
  3. VR-Zone reports Nokia Ace and Sabre specs leak
  4. Ars Technica reviews Windows Phone 7 "Mango"
  5. Tbreak's look at Windows Phone Mango update
Software and gaming

  1. Ars Technica's hands-on: New Ubuntu One cloud storage client for Windows
  2. Phoronix: Btrfs file-system for old computers?
  3. Kotaku: U.S. Supreme Court kicks gaming's $1.4M request for cash to lower court
  4. MCV reports French courts illegalise console piracy
  5. The Word of Notch posts a short response
  6. BioWare: EA doesn't tell us what to do - Eurogamer
  7. Bethesda Blog: Celebrate the Rage launch with id
  8. PC Gamer: Diablo 3 item database details weapons and armor, Inferno difficulty tier teased
  9. Ars Technica: Uncharted 3 MP launches early, given away for the cost of a soda
  10. Joystiq reports Ghost Recon: Future Soldier marches to retail on March 6, 2012
  11. [H]ard|OCP on Battlefield 3 open beta performance and image quality
  12. Hardware Heaven's Dark Souls review (Xbox 360)
Systems and storage

  1. VR-Zone's Acer Aspire S3 ultrabook review
  2. TechReviewSource on Asus U36SD-A1 ultraportable laptop
  3. Technic3D reviews Sapphire Edge-HD mini-PC (in German)
  4. Björn3D reviews Sapphire Pure Platinum A75
  5. Kitguru reviews Asus F1A75-I Deluxe
  6. ocaholic reviews 256GB Samsung PM830 SSD
  7. TweakTown reviews 240GB Corsair Force GT SSD
  8. TestFreaks review 240GB Kingston HyperX SSD

  1. iXBT Labs publishes i3DSpeed - September 2011
  2. HotHardware's 3D monitors shootout: Acer HN274H & ViewSonic V3D245
  3. TweakTown's hands-on with Sony's HMZ-T1 personal 3D viewer
  4. Legit Reviews on V-Moda True Blood Revamp headphones
  5. TWL reviews Tt eSports Shock gaming headset
  6. Examiner.com reviews Cooler Master Storm 5.1 gaming headset
  7. TechReaction reviews CM Storm Sentinel Z3RO-G gaming mouse
Power, cases, and cooling

  1. Hi Tech Legion reviews 1050W Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid PSU
  2. Funky Kit reviews 550W HEC Cougar SX PSU
  3. Hi Tech Legion reviews Xigmatek Pantheon case
  4. Metku reviews SilverStone Temjin TJ08-E (Evolution) mATX case
  5. Guru3D reviews SilverStone GD06 HTPC chassis
  6. APH Networks on NZXT FX 120LB and FX 140LB cooling fans
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