Official datasheet fills in 32-nm Atom details

Last week, the desktop variants of Intel's new Cedarview Atom processor popped up online. Now, we have details on versions of those CPUs destined for netbooks. The official datasheet (PDF) for the next-gen Atom processors has been published, and it contains plenty of details on the new chips. Here's how the family's clock speeds and TDP ratings compare:

  Processor clock GPU core clock TDP
D2500 1.86-2.13GHz 400MHz 10W
D2700 2.13-2.4GHz 640MHz 10W
N2600 1.6-1.86GHz 400MHz 3.5W
N2800 1.86-2.13GHz 640MHz 6.5W

Why the range of CPU clock speeds? I believe that's a reference to Burst Mode, a Turbo-like feature introduced with the Atom Z600 series. The datasheet doesn't reveal the core counts for the various Cedarview models, but it does indicate that Hyper-Threading is supported on all but the D2500.

While it's not surprising to see slower GPU core clocks on the D2500 and N2600, we've expected Pineview's integrated graphics component to support DirectX 10.1. According to the datasheet, though, the built-in GPU only supports "Directx*9 compliant Pixel Shader* v3.0 and OGL 3." We've heard rumors that Intel was having issues with its DirectX 10.1 graphics drivers for Cedarview, and the datasheet seems to confirm their authenticity.

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