Say no to Spam

Wired is reporting that a House committee has unanimously approved a proposed Spam bill that would apply similar rules used in telemarketing to the Internet.
"Consumers should have the same power to stop junk e-mail from invading their home as they do with junk mail, telemarketing and junk faxes," said Rep. Heather Wilson, R-New Mexico. "This bill will give parents and consumers the power to say enough is enough and close their inbox to annoying and obscene junk e-mail."


The Federal Trade Commission would be given the authority to bring action against senders of spam who violate the provisions of the legislation. Internet service providers could also sue spammers in federal court for $500 per message, up to $50,000, if a spammer willfully breaks the law.

What I'm wondering, is without Spam, how will I learn of lucrative home-based business opportunities and incredibly low interest rates? Furthermore, why hasn't written me back?
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